Summer slim down

21st September brings the summer solstice.

I suppose it's pretty safe to say that Summer as arrived. I spent most of the long weekend outside in the sun. I can remember when I was a kid we weren't allowed to swim until we had had the first rains. We always prayed it would be that 1st day of September, but alas the first rains always came in that last week of September. However when I was a kid I never worried about all the winter indulgences and never needed a bribe to get into my bathing costume (how I miss those days) but like all women, we all get to that point where the thought of dawning a bikini is a terrifying thought. We all scramble to find that quick fix diet, swear we won't eat until Christmas and start the mad craze to get bikini ready. Hahaha. If you are one of those… from a personal trainer you needed to START training and eating…. well in the beginning of winter to see any REAL AMAZING results. But all is not lost. Here are my own personal tricks to looking your best this summer.

  • Start you eating plan with this in mind. Breakfast like a KING, dinner like a pauper!
  • Give your metabolism a boost by ALWAYS eating breakfast. Don't have a clue where to start. Bowl of oats, skim milk, nuts and fruit of your choice. If you can't stomach cereal then a boiled egg on toast should do the trick.
  • Lunch should be as satisfying as breakfast so a chicken salad and a piece of rye or seed bread is a good choice. If you don't want to eat salad because you are busy and on the move then pile it onto bread and make a sandwich.
  • Avoid carbohydrates after 5 pm.
  • Snack on healthy small meals in between. Apples, grapefruit, nuts and rice cakes are all goodies.

Here is a good guide to snacking if you aren't sure.

Now for the tough stuff. GYM; you should try to get in at least 3 moderate to high intensity workouts per week.

  • Weights VS cardio: although we all think we look better and feel better after sweating away on the treadmill, in reality the moment you step off the machine you body stops burning calories. Weight training burns stored fat, how? During weight training the muscle fibres tear resulting in them needing to be repaired. While you go about your day you body uses energy (calories) to repair the muscle tissue.
  • Drink enough water: aim for about 6 glasses a day.
  • Make sure you supplement with vitamin C and omega oils as these support weight loss.
  • Drink an anti oxidant: green tea is an excellent fat burner, so is red wine, but opt for the organic kinds if you can and we not talking the whole bottle either.
  • If you LOVE coffee as much as I do. Limit to 2 cups per day. Try to drink them without sugar
  • Exfoliate daily: removing all dead skin cells makes your skin look smoother.
  • Invest in a good firming cream, apply daily especially to the upper legs. Stimulating the cells beneath the skin improves circulation to those ummm, bumpy areas.
  • A little tan goes a long way. Apply a gradual tanning cream for a bit of a glow.
  • Don't have a gym contract? Follow the program below for training at home.

Remember that motivation gets you going but it's habit that keeps you going.

Yours in health and fitness,




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