Aerial yoga – The art to hanging upside down

I have always been on the look out for new fitness crazes and ideas. I recently attended a expo all about wellness and fitness – so it's safe to say it was just the right place for me to be. Although I lecture fitness on a full time basis, I am always looking for other ideas and trends on the market as I am hoping to once again open a fitness studio.

Yoga has been a passion of mine for along time and the solitary reason I ventured into a career in fitness. I love everything about yoga. There is something so stimulating and uplifting about challenging your body in a way that is maybe not always deemed possible.

My biggest dream would be to visit India and experience yoga practice the “real” way, but as that is a bit of a pipe dream and a bit out of my reach at the moment, I have found the perfect substitute in the form of aerial yoga. I was blown away with the immense possibilities aerial yoga has to offer. I was actually so intrigued by the presentation that I actually gave it a go myself. It's a bit tricky in skin tight jeans but an experience nonetheless.

Once you have actually plucked up the courage to hang up side down in front of everyone it's pretty easy from there. Just when I had mastered the art of not falling and breaking something and hanging up side down for what seemed like a really long time; the instructor informed me, ever so confidently that I could let go and the band would hold me. I thought the instructor had finally lost her marbles. After a moments hesitation… I let go….


I don't know if it was the overwhelming rush of blood to the head but I am completely hooked.


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