365 day project – 12:34pm

Day 1

This may sound totally weird or perhaps just plain crazy, but since I can remember, the time 12:34pm has always stood out for me. I always seem notice this time. Perhaps it's because of its sequence 1-2-3-4 or maybe it's just my OCD brain and I have just naturally become aware of this time.

Whenever I tell people about this I generally get a strange look but in the rarest occasion I am often asked “maybe it's lucky, you should gamble” seeing I am no gambler, this has never really been an option for me.

I recently heard of the 365 day project and thought this would be a great way for me to get into the habit of blogging everyday and seeing photography is my thing at the moment – I thought why not make a record of things I am doing or seeing everyday at 12:34pm, then in 365 days I will have a scrapbook complete of all the significant things in my life at 12:34pm.

My first post I dedicate to my new obsession and (fantastic present from my fiancé): The Mongoose Original Daisy design handbag. These are handcrafted and a proudly South African product. Their unique hand painted fabrics and leather trim make them one of a kind.

To find out more about these handbags visit http://www.mongoose-sa.co.za they have a wide range of handbags and home ware.




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