Posted in July 2013

A South African Ghost Story – Pilgrims Rest

A South African Ghost Story – Pilgrims Rest

Part 2 This is the second installment of our ghost tour we did in Pilgrims Rest last year. I recommend you read the first installment before you read this one.¬† After we had visited the Alanglade house museum¬†we headed back into the small town of Pilgrims Rest and up towards the old cemetery. By this … Continue reading

Friday off, cake bake off

The one thing I really do love about being in education – school holidays! We have been so quiet at work that our boss was kind enough to give us a day off. We had quite an eventful day, early this morning we took Leila our German short haired pointer to be “fixed”. Shame poor … Continue reading

365 day project

It seems that trying to post everyday at the exact same time has become far more difficult than I originally planned. I will continue to post everyday, some might be quick photos others longer and pertaining to a specific subject. Here's to change:     Posted with Blogsy