Pick a seat… DIY seating charts for a control freak Bride

I have finally decided to do our table seating and layout for the wedding. While I was doing this I couldn't help but think of that episode of Friends: the one with Rachel's big kiss, where Monica was organizing and deciding on her seating chart for her and Chandler's wedding.

The thing is, I could have just written on a piece of paper who sits where, but its nice to get an aerial view of where everyone is sitting, also after several attempts at writing it down and then changing my mind, it makes it much easier with the flags you can reposition. It's also easy to download a seating chart on-line but I haven't decided on what types of tables I want and I also have uneven numbers, so this is what I did.

I designed my own seating charts per table and approximate size of the room. I numbered each table and where the table would be situated within the room. I designed two templates: one for 8 tables of 10 and one of 4 long tables of 20.


I bought flags that you can reposition and wrote the guests name on there. These are great because if you write in pencil you can erase the pencil and change the name if need be. Probably the most challenging of all was choosing the colours I wanted to use. OCD!

Next I sat down with my charts pinned to a task board, just to make life a bit easier. I used my guest list and wrote down all the guests who have RSVP'd and slowly but surely started allocating seats.

Again, what's really great is being able to reposition the name (I did this a few times, got to get it perfect!)

I had my two charts that I was working off, just because I am not sure which layout will work best, you will see which one I ended up using.

Here it has come together, now when I print my place settings and seating cards, I will just have to look back on this chart and I will know exactly where everyone needs to go.

Place seating chaos – 0 me the OCD bride – 1. Hooray for me.



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