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365 day project

Day 12 Another monochromatic Friday I have been so busy with my ghost tour post that I almost forgot about my 12:34pm project. Anyways, here it is… Look out for ghost tour in two parts. It's FRIDAY!!!!   Posted with Blogsy Advertisements

365 day project

Day 5 Can't believe this is my 5th entry already! I still have a long way to go. On the bright side, it's finally Friday. Fridays Fashion pic: the first gift my fiancĂ© ever bought me when we started dating were these ALDO patent leather kitten heals. Now 2 years later I have finally decided … Continue reading

365 day project – 12:34pm

Day 1 This may sound totally weird or perhaps just plain crazy, but since I can remember, the time 12:34pm has always stood out for me. I always seem notice this time. Perhaps it's because of its sequence 1-2-3-4 or maybe it's just my OCD brain and I have just naturally become aware of this … Continue reading