365 day project

Day 5 Can't believe this is my 5th entry already! I still have a long way to go. On the bright side, it's finally Friday. Fridays Fashion pic: the first gift my fiancĂ© ever bought me when we started dating were these ALDO patent leather kitten heals. Now 2 years later I have finally decided … Continue reading

365 day project

Day 4 Lucky number 4 (it really is) Winter is definitely here. However, looking at my photos for today you would never guess it was in actual fact winter here in South Africa. Although the nights are pretty freezing, we are lucky enough to have amazing sun filled days like these about 99% of the … Continue reading

365 day project

Day 3 Terrible picture! I really chose a bad time to start a project like this, as I am in exams again today. I promise my photos will get more interesting after today as its the last day of fitness tests. Quick coffee break and Pinterest fix…   Posted with Blogsy

365 day project – 12:34pm

Day 2 Today's picture has not been the easiest or the most interesting as I am taking my students for their exams. However it's wonderful to see so many students who are passionate about the health and fitness industry. Here's to fitness testing “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going” … Continue reading

365 day project – 12:34pm

Day 1 This may sound totally weird or perhaps just plain crazy, but since I can remember, the time 12:34pm has always stood out for me. I always seem notice this time. Perhaps it's because of its sequence 1-2-3-4 or maybe it's just my OCD brain and I have just naturally become aware of this … Continue reading

Longevity – The 5 steps

I recently visited the body worlds convention here in Johannesburg. It was an incredible experience, one I would definitely want to do again. Unfortunately you aren't allowed to take any pictures which makes perfect sense. Trust me when I say, no pictures could could do that amazing work art any justice. As we walked through … Continue reading

Jelly Cookies

Baking has always been my “therapy”, quite strange seeing I am not the greatest fan of cakes and sweets but nonetheless there is always someone my fiancĂ© around to taste my baking creations. Baking is something I usually reserve for special occasions; birthdays, anniversaries, Sundays (ha ha) but on this cold winter day it's just … Continue reading

Summer slim down

21st September brings the summer solstice. I suppose it's pretty safe to say that Summer as arrived. I spent most of the long weekend outside in the sun. I can remember when I was a kid we weren't allowed to swim until we had had the first rains. We always prayed it would be that … Continue reading

Starting over – where soul meets body

On the anniversary of moving out of home, two things have struck me. Firstly how quickly everything can change and secondly how quickly time goes by. Excuse the cliche but time really does fly. With Spring here and its charm of all that is new and beautiful in life, a new blog and new start … Continue reading